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Genesis – In the beginning there was the nerd…

September 30, 2008

Well, it took me a while to get this up and running and there has been some truly astounding procrastination involved (to the point that I’m inclined to just sit down for a few hours and marvel at just how much there was whilst doing very little else, such is the feedback loop of the procrastinator) but, lo, I have finally commenced blogging.

The catalyst for this momentous event was the discontinuation of the movie blog I had far too infrequently contributed to. I had been faffing* around with a few ideas for months but my infamous indolence and all round lack of discipline stopped me from sitting down and typing them out. However, the main creator and chief geek of that delightful but short-lived blog, Josh, suggested that I start a blog of my own. I had already been toying with the idea in my own fanciful and non-committal manner so I managed to shackle my whimsy to his words of encouragement and get this going. I feel I owe Josh some thanks for this so I shall continue to shower him with compliments and generally fellate his ego in order to extort all sorts of photoshop related favours from him in future. He did all the pictures for the Naptown Cinefiles blog (and I’m pretty weak at that kind of thing).

Another reason for the delay was that I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to write about my adventures out here in Korea or churn out material on movies (and the occasional comic book). I resolved to do both and hope that I can deal with the layout  here enough to keep the different entries distinct. Ideally, this should feel like two wee blogs in one but it remains to be seen how it’s all gonna turn out.

Part of the charm though, eh?

My first intention here is to cheat a little bit and have the first few entries as reprinted and slightly revised version of the emails that I sent to everyone I knew when I first came to Korea and also the two movie pieces that I wrote for the Naptown blog. Just to beef things and get me into the swing of things.

Well, that’s it for the foreplay folks, I hope you enjoy the ensuing flibbertigiblets.

(*A colloquial term meaning ‘procrastinating’, deployed here to avoid repetition.)