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Top 10 Screen Villains of the 80’s

October 17, 2008

This is the second of only two pieces that I managed to contribute to the, now discontinued, Naptown Cine-Files blog (the first being No Sex Please, We’re Peevish). Anyone interested in reading more from that blog can follow the link provided. Once again, the wonderful images in the article below were sourced and shaped by Josh Eckert.

In compiling this list I find it prudent to mention that this represents a very personal take on 1980s cinema. This is a collection of characters that left an indelible impression on me as a young lad in the early stages of being dazzled and enthralled by the magic of movies. Or some such piss. As such, you might think that this list is quite frivolous, disposable, un-authoritative and intended purely for a mild laugh before being discarded. And you’d be right. You may find yourself wildly disagreeing with the choices below. You will, most likely, be thinking to yourself “I can’t believe he overlooked X bad-ass from Y movie” and that’s fine.

Put simply: don’t take the below too seriously. Read in the manner it was compiled, with tongue firmly in cheek. Read the rest of this entry ?


Korea Kwirks: Random flibbertigiblets

October 9, 2008

Just some random observations and anecdotes from when I first arrived in Korea.


Yesterday I heard a weird noise on the street as I walked to work, I turned around and a fucking TANK drove past me, three Korean soldiers hanging from it (including the wee drivers head popping out the front the way it does) looking surprised to see ME! Christ, I nearly shat……..

Today it was 3 truckloads of squaddies all sitting with rifles, again curiously checking me out. The kind of attention I’ve never really wanted. I’m thinking which one of these goomba, squaddie-grunt bastards is the screwball psycho of the platoon who wants to see if he can ‘accidentally’ discharge his weapon into the skull of a random western civvie and only get a slap on the wrist? Know what I mean? Read the rest of this entry ?


No Sex Please, We’re Peevish

October 7, 2008

This piece first featured on the now discontinued blog, The Naptown Cine-Files. I have to credit Josh Eckert with sourcing all the wonderful images. He’s good at that kind of thing, what you might call a ‘dab hand’ (with all the sinister connotations you wish to apply to the phrase). If you enjoy this article, I recommend you check out the rest of the stuff over at the Naptown blog. It’s rather good.

No Sex Please, We’re Peevish

Let me start this off by announcing that I have no problem with real, explicit sex in movies. I also have no problem with fake, highly-stylised sex in movies. I enjoy watching gratuitous sex and violence and make no apology for it. What I do have a problem with is the recent spate of movies that boast real sex and little else. Actual non-simulated coitus at the expense of pretty much all the ingredients that make a decent film. Acting, dialogue, plot, screenplay, et al are jettisoned (or perhaps weren’t even considered in the first place) in favour of the cutting edge manoeuvre of actually showing an actual penis actually entering an actual vagina. Read the rest of this entry ?