K-Pop Korner: Seon Yeo Shidae

March 24, 2009

Here, for your listening and viewing pleasure, is the latest Korean smash hit “Gee” by the pop group Seon Yeo Shidae or “Girls’ Generation”. They have emerged as serious rivals/successors to the popular Korean girl-group Wondergirls, who seem now to have reached their East-Asian pop music expiry date of 18 months. Seems a shame but I was told that the Wondergirls were all still of high school age, which meant that it was impossible to enjoy their videos without feeling enormously guilty with oneself.  Regarding the Girls’ Generation song below, I have to admit that I find this trashy little tune quite catchy. Enjoy.

“Gee” – Girls’ Generation.



  1. i f**king love the hot pants and i think it’s as much the colours as what is underneath them!

    what can i say, it’s just pleasing to the eye.

    of course i was already familiar with this song/video as my fascination with korean pop walks a fine line between ironic and unhealthy.

  2. Strange, I don’t recall receiving any prompt to authorise your comment above, Nick.
    It just found its way up there without my having to approve it beforehand. Not that I wouldn’t approve it anyway….but somehow I think you have too much power

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