Lee Byung-hun

June 22, 2009
Lee Byung-hun

Lee Byung-hun

It seems as part of what I’ve identified as a tendency towards “going native” I have begun to more fully appreciate Korea and Korean pop culture with each passing day. Concordantly, I have developed a filthy man-love crush on the dreamy Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun.

The first time I saw Lee Byung-hun was in the excellent Dalkomhan Insaeng (“A Bittersweet Life“) where his striking, uber-handsome turn as Sun-woo, the mob enforcer, was the main focus in an altogether beautiful and extraordinarily well made Korean gangster flick. Since then, various images of this ridiculously sexy individual have been gradually seeping into my life. I next saw Lee as the titular “Bad Guy” in the big-budget Korean action adventure film Joheunnom Nabbeunnom Isanghannom (“The Good, The Bad, The Weird“) when I caught a partial viewing on a flight last year. Soon, I was reading about his role in the upcoming G.I. Joe with Brit actress Sienna Miller tantalizing mentioning in interviews that she was working with the man with the best body in Korea. Now I find my local gym has a picture of Lee Byung-hun stripped to the waist adorning one of the walls. The chiseled cheekbones, ripped torso and the soulful eyes looking down at you, an East Asian image of perfection for mere mortals to hopelessly aspire to.



G.I. Joe is allegedly a complete piece of shit (even by the standards of the guy who made The Mummy flicks and Van Helsing!) but I may have to go and watch the sexiest man in my adopted home making his Hollywood debut as the dangerously gorgeous ninja-villain, Storm Shadow.


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