Beggar’s belief

July 17, 2009

Further to my previous post below, it seems that Oliver Kamm has followed up his initial “Pedant” column with a piece on the misuse of the term “begging the question”.

To “beg the question” does not mean to raise or prompt the question. It means to assume in your premises the truth of your conclusion.

Some of you may feel this is an awesome and pleasant coincidence, especially as it was Kamm’s column that inspired me to write my piece on the very same subject. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that Oliver Kamm is ripping me off. Notice the date on his article is July 16th, a full day (and more given UK to Korea time difference) after my own blog entry. I note with some satisfaction that he must be reading this blog every day in order to have caught my piece and taken the idea for his column the very next day. In turn, I shall be keeping a close eye on the writing of this nefarious pilferer, lest I find him knocking out whimsical articles on the Korean sex industry or Terminator movies.

I shall be dispatching a strongly-worded letter, accompanied by a slimy turd in a shoebox, to the offices of The Times newspaper forthwith. Although I have to admit that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


One comment

  1. He must have a lot of time on his hands, or hold your blog in very high esteem to check it every day when it sometimes goes without an update for weeks at a time!!

    Actually he was probably just googling his own name to see if he had any fans. Pedantry and narcissism go hand in hand.

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