K-Pop Korner: Special report

September 8, 2009

Trouble Brewing In The World Of K-Pop. Beloved Boy Band Bopper Bashes Korea.  “Korea Is Gay!” Says Degenerate Westernized Ingrate.

Jae-beom: A dubious specimen of masculinity who stated, without irony, Korea is gay.

Highly dubious specimen of masculinity, Park Jae-beom

Outrage has been rife throughout the Korean republic in recent days after it emerged that a prominent member of one of the nation’s most promising and popular music groups had harshly criticized the country in which he has found considerable success. Park Jae-beom (AKA Jay Park) of award winning boy band 2PM issued the treasonous slurs on a popular social networking site in 2005 whilst sending messages to an acquaintance in the United States, where he was born and raised.

“wassup foo….haven talked to ur gay face in a while….whatchu bin doin…whatchu doin now a days….still havin pissy fits boutchur rappin?……korea is gay…..i hate koreans…..i wanna come back…..like no other…..friggin a….n e ways yea….hit me back jus to chat….ur biggest fan….this is jay the man…peace”

For those readers not well-versed in the semi-literate warblings of teenage fucktards, the following translation is presented –

“What is up, fool? I have not talked to your gay face in a while. What have you been doing? What are you doing nowadays? Are you still wracked by anxiety over the quality of your rapping? Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I want to come back (to the U.S.) more than anything else in the world. Frigging-A. Anyways, yes. Reply to me if only to chat. Your biggest fan. This is Jay the man. Peace.”

The above was posted on Jae-beom’s MySpace page in February 2005. At the time, the aspiring singer/rapper was a mere 17 years old and had only recently arrived in Korea in an attempt to find success as a performer. In a recent public apology aimed at salvaging his threatened nascent career, Jae-beom explained “I first came to Korea as a high school freshman. I didn’t know much about Korea nor the language and the food was different. The comments that I made were emotional expressions of discontent over my situation at that time … I sincerely apologize.”

Enquiries conducted amongst groups of middle school student fans of 2PM have yielded mixed reactions. Although expressing anger and feelings of betrayal, none of the students asked were planning to actively boycott 2PM as a group. Some expressed hostility and distaste for Jae-bom whereas others remarked that his comments were entirely unimportant on the grounds that he was “very handsome….but short”. Opinion is also divided amongst the wider Korean public. Some have called for Jae-bom to be summarily dismissed from the group and encouraged to return to the United States although many other Korean netizens have expressed the view that his comments were little more than the immature ranting of a homesick teenager and should be disregarded. Their manager, and CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin-young has since stated that Jae-beom will not be forced out of 2PM but the group has recently suspended all activities in order to concentrate on making a new album (i.e. they’re laying low).

Update: On September 8th Jae-beom announced to his fans via the 2pm website that he was leaving the group and leaving Korea itself. He boarded a plane for the United States that night, watched by a throng of tearful fans who packed the airport terminal screaming “Don’t go!” The Korea Times reported

Before leaving, the Korean-American singer also apologized to his fellow 2PM members for leaving the group this way. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be a strong leader and older brother, and for having to leave like this. Once again, I’m sorry.’’

2PM debuted in September 2008 with their single “10 out of 10” and found considerable success in 2009 with their second album 2Pm: Time For A Change. The video of their big hit, “Again and Again” is below.



  1. are korean really mad about this?
    do they ever stop to think about what they say?
    when they call black people monkeys or kingkong
    or when they say that indian people stick. what about when they call their own females bitches cause they are dating someone that is not korean.
    some of these people have to start looking at thmeselves first and remember everyone makes mistakes. even them

  2. Well, it seems what you are arguing here is a form of the tu quoque fallacy or, in other words, two wrongs don’t make a right. Indulging your generalization for a moment, Koreans may be quilty of politically dubious gaffes in matters of race and sexism but that does not mean that they cannot legitimately complain about the gaffe committed by Jae-beom. I myself would dismiss this controversy on the grounds that it was a non-event offence committed by a 17 year old boy but I can understand that it embarrasses the entertainment company and the other members of the pop group.

  3. well, let me introduce myself in a short time
    this is mita from indonesia..and this is the 1st time i wrote something like this.
    I’ll confesed to y’all that I’ve never been a fan of 2pm..and all of korean bands, cos i watch too much MUSE, U2, and all of those western rock bands and boybands(when I was a teenager). 🙂
    But apparently, last March my parents gave this cable TV programs to our home..and so my eyes were caught in the korean programs. I watched all the entertaiments and stars brightly shining on the TV..including this one boyband..2pm.

    First time, I didn’t really notice them..cos I didn’t really get into this boyband-girlbands thingy. But after a while, i started to listen to them, and start to know them better. It’s a fun times just hangin’ around and listen to ’em. So, when i start to enjoy them, listen to ’em, and know ’em with all of their hardwork, this news came out in all of a sudden. And I start to concern about ’em, and jay spesifically. To be honest..I’ve never search news about a boyband this much before! hahaha…:)

    wow, what a shocking news! In a sudden, he (jay) just got left korea for his home back there in US. so sad, i know you guys were feeling so sad..and wanna cry all the times remembering what a short moment that he had.

    I know what it’s like..it’s like you guys losing a friend, even thou he’s not your real friend in your real world. But being there right in front of y’all, singing on the stage..is just like it’s your friend up there! singing for you!

    I never knew what it’s like to be a star, to be a musician and standin’ up there on the stage, and show ’em pipol what you got in you. But, when I think of it..it must be a really thrillin’ momment! it’s like a mix of fears and excitements! with all of them fans and audiences, lookin’ at ya, and just screamin’ for whatever u doin’ up there.

    But in the other hands, when it all came down to your life as a star, who was loved by so many pipol, your private life is like being stopped ..cos you barely can’t have it in your life as a star. Just like this story, jay’s story.

    And i send this message just for you Jay. I’m not a fan of you and your boys, but I do.. as a long distance-unknowned friend of you..*haha*..:p I do concern and care about your feelings, your family, the boys, friends, and fans feelings.

    What i want to tell you is..just wake up, dude! Don’t you get it?! You and I and all those fuck*n pipol out there are just not perfect! we r the same dude. Do u need an examples?! look..I’ve made my mistakes for being rude to my mom and dad..so many pipol goes to jail for murdering, stealing, hijacking..or whatsoever..and even KANYE WEST did sumthin’ real stupid on the VMA’s..(Yo, juicyfraulein. I’m real happy for you. I’mma let you finish but D had one of the best comments of all time above. One of the best of all time! – David) but what we do as a human with all of the capabillities that lays in us is we learn to forgive. Forgive yourself dude…what is really important is accepting what u are.. there’s nothin’ in this world that were made perfect..even us..you, and me, and them..

    What can make us perfect? what can make you..and I..and all of the human being in this world perfect..is to look into each others eyes whos standing beside you, and knowing that they knew who you are, and what you’re capable of..and made them believe that you can do sumthin’ real for em. That..will make you a real human.

    Stand for yourself, pal! That’s the first thing to do…Don’t think about 2pm, or fans, or JYP, or whatsoever…just stand up for yourself first dude! and face it like a man! face it like a warrior! Face your fears and prove to the world what kind of human u are! Face it! I’m together with you, pal..we can walk through this together..Just stick to it..just stick to it..

    Sincerely, your long-distance-unknowned friend *haha*


  4. Wow, thank you for your epic comment, juicyfraulein.

    Irreverent observations on Korean pop music seem to be the key to this blog’s success.

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