K-Pop Korner: Enter The Dragon

October 28, 2009

More K-Pop Kontroversy


It seems the waif-like front man and “leader” of Big Bang has found himself in a spot of bother with his nascent, burgeoning solo career. Kwon Ji-yong, better known as G-Dragon, has been accused of plagiarism (or pyo-chul as its known in the local tongue) following the release of his debut solo single “Heartbreaker” on August 18th.

“Heartbreaker” is said to sound strikingly similar to the American single “Right Round” by hip-hop artist Flo Rida, a tune which itself heavily samples the classic British pop song “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead or Alive.

It seems these allegations first arose amongst Korea’s formidable netizens, the online community of avid young Koreans whose vigilance in these matters is matched only by their oft-hysterical passion. However, a few weeks after the controversy began Sony Music sent letters to YG Entertainment (the agency behind G-Dragon, Big Bang and other Korean pop artists) claiming that “Heartbreaker” and three other songs by different YG artists had “considerable similarities” to music under Sony copyright. YG Entertainment initially issued a public statement which categorically denied any plagiarism had occurred before issuing a further statement that was somewhat ambivalent, stating merely that many people were involved in the composition of “Heartbreaker”. This move was intended to take the heat off their star and with good reason. It’s not that G-Dragon has ripped off Flo Rida, it’s that possibly one or more of the several “composers” involved in writing a shitty pop song have ripped off part of it from another shitty pop song that was also thrown together by several people. This may explain why the issue doesn’t seem to have gone beyond the letters of protest sent by Sony (YG stated that they did not take the letters to constitute legal action). Nobody knows who ripped off what or from whom.

Here is the video for “Heartbreaker” and a link to Flo Rida’s “Right Round”. The controversy hinges on the similarity of the opening rap in each song. Judge for yourselves.


“Right Round” by Flo Rida

The issue doesn’t appear to have had any detrimental effect on G-Dragon’s career. “Heartbreaker” was a huge success in Korea and the singer enjoys a great deal of exposure. Frankly, I can fully understand why. This plucky young man has undergone a rather splendid and eye-catching makeover and has re-emerged as some hyper-androgynous sex pixie. Looking at his new hair, his eyeliner and his purty wee mouth, I feel compelled to brutally sexually assault him. Although I previously mocked G-Dragon for weighing a mere 54kg, I now feel his petite body is to be celebrated for how well it would accommodate being subdued and pinned down. Certainly, he could wriggle, but he wouldn’t be getting away. Ideally, this fantasy should involve some kind of prison setting, with little G-Dragon as the new fish in the jail and myself as a brooding, dangerous cellmate with very specific needs. We could maybe involve some other participants, other convicts that want to pass the kid around like a can of spaghetti. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but you only have to glance at the pictures of the guy to understand that the above acts would not be homosexual in nature. They would be something other, some kind of meta-sexual adventure entirely befitting the 21st century.


Credit is due to the blog K Bites and the website allkpop.com for information used above (and indeed in prior K-Pop posts here).

Disclaimer – Much of the above post is intended purely as comedy. I don’t really want to sexually assault Kwon Ji-yong. If anyone reading this is a loyal fan of G-Dragon please do not take offense, it is merely my carnivalesque sense of humour at play.



  1. I actually just threw up a little in my mouth watching that video.

  2. Ha, and you call yourself a warrior!

    Real warriors, such as yours truly, pull out their tumescent pork-swords and spank ’em furiously to that video. Especially the bit where he’s under that sheet, pouting and dangling his hands all limp and coy.

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