Yellow Sea Peril

November 11, 2009

There has been a “naval skirmish” in the Yellow Sea between South and North Korean warships recently. It seems the North Korean vessel crossed a disputed sea border known as the Northern Limit Line and was promptly met with warning shots fired across its bow from the South Korean ship. According to the South Korean government, the North Korean ship returned fire and the shit kicked off from there. In the ensuing exchange of fire between both vessels there were no reported casualties but the North Korean ship was said to have been set ablaze before returning across the border.

That’s according to the South Korean version of events anyway. The North Korean version is that their vessel was looking for an “unidentified object” in the Yellow Sea which brought it close to, but not beyond, a sea border they refuse to recognize anyway (hence it being “disputed”) when all of a sudden a South Korea ship came out of nowhere and fired upon them. The North Korean ship returned fire and managed to chase the cowardly capitalist pigdogs away.

Chamsuri boats patrolling the Yellow Sea

This event marked the first naval confrontation since the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong in 2002. The First (1999) and Second Battles of Yeonpyeong unfolded much like the events above. Those small naval battles were also the result of Northern vessels crossing the Northern Limit Line and ignoring South Korean warnings to turn around. The First battle is remembered as an indisputable embarrassment for North Korea. The Second battle was slightly more competitive but still ended with the North Korean boats retreating back across the sea border, 13 of their sailors dead and 6 South Koreans killed.

So it goes. Tensions are running a little higher than whatever passes for normal on the Korean peninsula currently but this event is not without the opportunity to feel proud of the valiant efforts of the South Korean navy.

Chalk up one for the home team. We lit those Norks the fuck up and sent ’em sailing back home. Daehan Minguk!


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