K-Pop Korner: 2NE1

December 11, 2009

It’s one of those times again, those lazy times between posts that I simply have to fill with some of the sticky-icky bubblegum of K-Pop. These posts, originally conceived as exercises in irony, have had the serendipitous effect of increasing blog traffic as they lure people from outside my intended target demographic. With that in mind, it’s high time there was a post all about a Korean girl band whose name has apparently become a “top search term” (according to Wiki anyway).

As stated in an earlier post, 2NE1 made their unofficial debut earlier this year in a commercial for LG‘s Cyon mobile phones where they performed the song “Lollipop” with their label mates Big Bang. Although “Lollipop” was a big chart hit in Korea, doubts were raised as to the possibility of continued success for 2NE1 with the popularity of the song being attributed largely to the presence of Big Bang. For their official debut, the girl group released the song “Fire“, the considerable success of which seemed to be measured in how many times the music video was viewed online. It was an instant smash which quickly put an end to the doubts that had been expressed about them. Both the video and a live performance of the song attracted the attention of U.S. based, gay-celebrity blogger of celebrities, Perez Hilton, who posted them on his popular self-titled blog. Sadly, as further evidence of a self-diagnosed trend I can only identify as “Korean Pop Kulture Stockholm Syndrome”, I have also come to appreciate this popular song by 2NE1. Well, apart from the rap parts. Much as Whitney Houston declared “crack is whack”, when it comes to K-Pop, as a general rule, the rap is crap.

The group’s name can be read as either the number “21” or the phrase “to anyone”, although the full meaning behind the name is apparently “New Evolution for the 21st century”. Other than that, there is little to say about 2NE1. There was some mild controversy that their woeful sophomore effort, the single “I Don’t Care“, plagiarized the Lionel Ritchie song “Just Go” but this was largely overshadowed by the accusations that surrounded G-Dragon‘s Heartbreaker at around the same time.

2NE1 – “Fire”


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