Logo-Files Revisited

December 11, 2009

Following from these earlier posts, here and here, I offer up the final instalment in what has become a trilogy of posts. More of my personal favourite words from Jeffrey Kacirk’s Forgotten English

Flarnecking: flaunting with vulgar ostentation; intensive of flare.

Fragor: a strong or sweet scent.

Adam’s leather: the human skin.

Stultiloquy: foolish speech.

Blumf: a fellow who grumpfs at all genuine sports and sits as sour as the devil when all around him are joyous.

Fipple: the underlip. “See how he hangs his fipple.”

Corsned: in Old English law, the “morsel of trial”, a piece of bread of about an ounce weight consecrated by exorcism which an accused person was required to swallow as a trial of his guilt or innocence.

Philomathic: having a love of letters.

(Note: Across the three posts I have made on this subject, the extract words were all taken from the 2008 desk calendar of Forgotten English)


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