Simply the Bestial

January 30, 2010

Whilst perusing one of the murkier corners of the internet the other day, I happened across a short interview with an unrepentant zoophile. The video featured a middle-aged American woman sitting on a sofa with her massive, exposed breasts resting somewhat sadly on her belly. Her general manner overall, however, was quite chirpy as she fielded questions from her interviewer (and presumed husband/partner) about their shared goals in life. It wasn’t so much an interview, you see, as a recruitment video for the purpose of meeting other zoophiliacs. As far as I can see, there is no strict rule on the correct term for someone who has sex with animals. I prefer to use “zoophiliac” as the suffix “-iac” manages to invoke the idea that there is something inherently maniacal about people fucking their furry little friends. “Zoophile”, although more commonly used, is a touch too impartial.

The woman explained that their intent was to meet other people who wanted to have sex with her animals and with her. The camera then turned to a large dog sleeping on the carpet beside the sofa that looked content and otherwise resigned to its fate in the home of two humans who were happily boasting about the frequent sexual activities they enjoyed with it. The woman went on to explain that she would be content to merely watch a gay guy have sex with her animals and that she wouldn’t mind meeting a bisexual guy that would let her fuck him with a strap-on. She would also, she explained, be open to lesbian encounters with other women….who also fucked animals. At this point, as enthralled as I was, my mind began to wander and raised some questions that have persistently niggled at me ever since.

As open as this woman was to all sorts of outlandish sexual behaviour with man and beast alike, were there conditions or limitations to her bestiality? Namely, were there certain animals that weren’t her “type”? And is this true of most zoophiliacs? I don’t know any overt animal-fuckers in my personal life and thus currently have none to consult on this matter. Do zoophiliacs have a preferred breed of dog, do some look longingly into the eyes of their Golden Retriever and wish it was instead a much sexier German Shepherd? Are devout pigfuckers unable to copulate with sheep and vice-versa and can they overcome these issues with alcohol when they lack sufficient choice amongst the animals within reach? Is there a rampant bestial perv out there who will eagerly cram a gerbil up his ass but will refuse to do the same with a hamster on the grounds that he doesn’t find that particular species of rodent attractive?

Any answers would be appreciated.


Note and warning – I watched this video on efukt.com but I have chosen not to link to it here due to it being utterly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and, I would advise, probably Not Safe For General Sanity. The site is extraordinarily graphic and contains very extreme and transgressive pornographic material. View it at your own risk.



  1. hi, i reside in adelaide australia,read ur story,my opinions are if ur not hurting anything,why not! My story is my ex girlfriend told me what she did with her rottys,im single now but i think of that every now and then and would like to meet a lady with a dog who would be willing and able. I myself do not own a dog and have had no experiences with one. This is not an obsession rather a wish id luv to meet a lady who would perform infront of me,to what extent id join in well im not sure! Im a straight guy bout 40,i just wonder how the hell to meet a woman who’d be interested in this as im sure theres more people out there who engage in this than we know about, anyideas. I am doin this via my moble am not competant on computer thanx for ur time. Terry

  2. terry burrows. Email address livinglifenpeaceguy@three.com.au

  3. Well, Terry, I’m a little in the dark about these matters, as my post above may suggest, and I’m afraid I don’t have any exact ideas where you can arrange to meet a woman who likes to indulge in sexual activities with dogs. That said, I wish you luck in your endeavours and would suggest you try performing internet searches centered around fetish sites and classified ads. However, I would advise you to be wary of the potential for inadvertently soliciting criminal acts and urge you to become familiar with Australian law on such matters.

    You’re certainly invited to come back here and keep us all updated on your particular pursuit of happiness.

    Good luck!

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