K-Pop Korner: Everything Butt the Girls

February 4, 2010

It has come to my attention that this post may be intercepting traffic intended for an extreme anal porn site with a title similar to the one above.

Sorry to disappoint all you ass-fiends out there, but feel free to peruse some of my writing on Korean pop music before you proceed on your neverending journey to the murkier depths of the internet.

Some may scoff at the K-Pop stuff in here; some may snort derisively and dismiss it as mere filler and a lure to exploit the blog traffic provided by unsuspecting Asian teens. These conclusions may even be arrived at due to the fact that I’ve openly admitted as much at various times. They have a whiff of desperation about ’em, you say, a shallow pointlessness even by the standards of a blog named after a tendency for meaningless utterances.

“Piffle”, I reply, “pish-tosh and poppycock!”

The posts on G Dragon and the shamed Jae-bom were a roaring success. There were some genuinely interesting things to say there. Desperate would be to take some K-Pop group that I knew nothing about, that there was nothing to know about, other than they were slightly famous for performing a dance that involved them swinging their asses from side to side seven months ago, and trying to justify a blog post on them.

And with that…….

Kara‘s career illustrates the ultra-fast and fickle nature of pop music in East Asia in that, they released some music in December 2008 and their subsequent releases in the summer of 2009 were declared a “comeback”. Part of this comeback involved a single called ‘Mister’ that became popular on the back of the dance routine created for the song. What came to be known as “the Butt Dance” caused a wee proverbial storm in a teacup (but no apparent censure) and caused many people to sit through an utterly insipid tune to see what all the fuss was about. Word on the K-Pop blogosphere is that group member Nicole performs the dance the best, perhaps on account of being raised in California and growing up in a culture that’s taught her how to use her ass like a blender from a young age. There doesn’t seem to be an official music video for Mister, just a recording of a live TV performance, and I couldn’t tell you who Nicole is because I don’t give a flying fuck about know their names.

Kara – “Mister”


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