A Glint of Clint

March 8, 2010

One of the benefits of my recent trip home to the UK was rediscovering just how much I adored reading the movie magazine, Empire. For reasons I have yet to fathom, I don’t now read online movie sites as regularly or as extensively as I used to read that publication.

The latest issue (dated April 2010) features, amongst other things, an article and interview with Clint Eastwood (pg 116) in which the 79-year-old screen titan discusses his directorial career. Recalling the influence and tutelage he received from Dirty Harry director Don Seigel, specifically for the seminal western The Outlaw Josey Wales*, Eastwood said:

“It still holds ups. I rented it recently, just for the hell of it – I hadn’t seen it in 20 or 30 years or whatever, and it still holds up.”

Clint Eastwood had to rent a copy of The Outlaw Josey Wales? Presumably meaning he doesn’t own even a single copy himself? I continue to struggle to get my head around this revelatory little tidbit. In Eastwood’s position, I would have at least several formats of the film to hand, from VHS to the obsolete Laserdic. A framed poster of the film would be located somewhere in my massive home/film museum, probably alongside a poster of Unforgiven and in the same section of the house as a bunch of mannequins adorned with replicas of the costumes worn in the spaghetti western “Dollars” trilogy. If I were to find myself in the unlikely position of not having a copy of The Outlaw Josey Wales to watch whenever I wanted I would pick up a phone and command some underling to hastily bring one to my door. (Of course, that might be exactly what Eastwood meant when he said “I rented it”. What was he trying to say there anyway, that he waltzed into a fucking Blockbuster?) However, as the article makes clear, Eastwood is an old-school Hollywood giant who sees himself as a grounded, working man. He plainly is not a fanboy man-child, awash in his own pop culture obsessions in the post-Tarantino world.

For more on Clint Eastwood talking to Empire see here (online content different from the published magazine).

*(The film is, ahem, #19 in my list of best films of the 1970s)


One comment

  1. If I were in Clint Eastwood’s position I’d have stopped making films after million dollar baby and checked myself into a nursing home.

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