April 5, 2010

Owing to a K-Pop entry that I was unduly and unexpectedly proud of*, I wandered away from this blog as if I’d just downed tools upon applying the finishing touches to some epic ex-pat novel. Alas, this meant I missed the golden opportunity to put out an April 1st post (missed for a second consecutive year) even though it was the one day I could make up any old bullshit for the purposes of a prank. Instead, I was off in murkier regions of the internet arguing with anti-Semites and mocking conspiracy theorists (occasionally doing both at once, given the considerable overlap between the two). As fun as it was to be accused of being, at varying times, a neo-con, a Jew and a servant of the anti-Christ, I have neglected the far more fulfilling hobby I attempt to maintain here.

To add to this, I have been immersed in one of those characteristic lulls where I don’t have anything sufficient to immediately post. There is always K-Pop frivolity, of course, but there is an unofficial policy here to never have two consecutive posts on Korean pop music, lest people get the wrong idea about the overall content. There is also an approach that tries to avoid merely posting links or images unaccompanied by any comment (though I have winged it in such a way from time to time).

In fact, were it not for a recent maritime disaster for the South Korean navy, I have no idea when I would have climbed back into the saddle.

(*Seriously, go back and give it another look. When and where are you ever going to see anything written about Korean pop music that alludes to Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Chuck Palahniuk and Sylvester Stallone?)


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