For the ladies…

April 12, 2010

My wife has pointed out an encroaching gender disparity in my coverage of the dynamic world of Korean pop music. I would love to deliver a credible refutation of this, dear reader, but the truth is that I’ve been caught with my pants down, so to speak. Not only are my posts on boybands consistently sneering and disparaging, they have also been somewhat thin on the ground these past months whereas I’ve offered up occasionally irony-free appreciation for the girl groups a few times now. I shall henceforth endeavor to address this problem, and it would be prudent to do so as the entries on G-Dragon and Jae-bom have proved easily more popular than the girl group stuff. Sadly, the group that started all these posts off, the ever-popular Girl’s Generation, have a new song out that I personally found rather gratifying and thought appropriate for a full-circle, one-year-on celebration of the K-Pop Korner. This will now be postponed and replaced with some crap about a bunch of effete androgynous fashion victims rapping badly, all in the name of fairness.


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