Bastard Abroad

May 4, 2010

News reports are circulating that Kim Jong-il is currently visiting China. The lil’ bastard has apparently travelled on his luxury, 17-carriage, Bond-villain personal train to the Chinese city of Dalian. Nothing can be fully confirmed at this time, and it is common practice for North Korea to delay official announcements on such visits until after they have ended and the Dear Leader has returned to the DPRK.

The BBC has a picture (reproduced here) and also broadcast some footage this morning of what looked like Kim Jong-il emerging from a limousine outside a hotel in Dalian. Analysts believe he may be travelling to China in an attempt to secure economic aid to relieve the shittier-than-usual economy of North Korea, following a particularly disastrous mishandling of the currency last year.

From the BBC

The train thought to be carrying Kim Jong-il arrived in Dandong early on Monday, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said, citing an unidentified government official.

“We have confirmed the arrival of a special train at Dandong, and we believe it is highly likely that Chairman Kim is on board,” the official said.


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