World Cup

June 21, 2010

I can’t even pretend to be able to offer any kind of sincere commentary on the World Cup currently underway. Sure, I’m watching it and I’m supporting Korea for the sake of my students and because Scotland didn’t qualify, but I don’t care enough about football to devote an afternoon to saying anything about it. The carnival atmosphere in downtown Seoul during a Korean game is very fun and I hope they get through to the next stage in order to enjoy a couple more of those street parties but my emotional investment ends there. However, I’m no killjoy. I found something pertinent on the tournament to post here.

South Korean football fan, prior to Korea vs. Argentina game

Here we have a rather photogenic South Korean fan expressing her support of the national side in a somewhat indirect manner. This was taken on the 17th June when South Korea played Argentina in the group stage of the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. Of course, Argentina went on to fucking destroy Korea in that game, smoking them 4-1 by the final whistle. A disappointing night for the Red Devils but the packed crowds that I watched the game with in City Hall remained in good spirits. I told my students that there was no shame in losing to a side like Argentina and that the next game, against Nigeria on the 22nd, should be a victory. Taehan Minguk!

(More pictures can be found here)



  1. Plucky little team you got there. I cant see the RoK getting any further than the second round but at least they made it out of a tough group. Now please leave enough room for a little small mindedness and cheer on the mighty Slovenia!!

  2. Guess I was wrong about the Nigeria game being a victory. Still, at least one more game to watch with South Korea now.

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