Foucault’s Frenulum

September 15, 2010

It’s caption-competition time here at the Gibberonica and our inaugural image is this rather splendid photograph of celebrated French philosopher Michel Foucault clutching his wonderfully smooth, shorn cranium in his hands. Provide a caption to this image and you could win a prize!

What is he thinking, dear readers?

Could it be – “Oops, I described Ruhollah Khomeini as a saint and celebrated the Islamic revolution in Iran mere weeks before they instigated their terror and started hanging homosexuals. I’ll never live that down!”

Or is it something along the lines of – “Wait a minute, my unrelenting assault on the Enlightenment and liberalism has pretty much made me a total cunt!”

Provide your own answer in the comments section below (update – just one answer per person, please). In a spirit of transgressive madness of which I’m sure Foucault would have approved, the winner will receive some random objects from my apartment that I no longer want. Competition closes on October 15th.



  1. Prof. Xavier wonders where the other two monkeys are.

  2. Dr. Strangelove regrets his spur of the moment decision to shave off his wonderful, wonderful quiff.

    Dr. Strangelove

  3. Tired of trying to explain at faculty parties that he wasn’t “the pendulum guy” Michel would remove his head, grip a belt in his teeth and demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

  4. Fuck. He was right. Our existing systems of justice are not merely systems of class oppression.

  5. I’m going to edit out comments that don’t constitute actual entries just to get things looking neat.

  6. If I’m so smart, why didn’t I get someone else to try to microwave their testicles?

  7. “Nou-nou nou nou-nou, je n’ecoute pas tu!”

  8. This rampant po-mo-phobia is driving me MAD!

  9. ….and if I do this I look like a Feregi. Anyway I need to get of skype now.

  10. The pressures of Toontown were becoming too much for Judge Doom…

  11. Alright, I’ve picked a winner and, after careful consideration, I’m giving it to Kenny for his entry above. I really liked the surreal imagery and the clever allusion to Foucault’s pendulum.

    Lucius Marmalade’s “po-mo-phobia” was close behind it but I didn’t really have a second prize. Who are you anyway, Lucius? Anyone I know? I don’t recognize your email address.

  12. Oh…jeez…I haven’t prepared anything…em…I’d like to thank all the vaginas of the world for keeping me interested and for making me the man I am today. I’m deeply humbled that my work has been recognised by the Gibberonica. Thank you and bless your dear heart.

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