The Way of the Centipede

September 17, 2010

It’s a frightening thing to acknowledge but The Human Centipede has been wriggling around in the back-brains of many people lately and my efforts to evangelize the ridiculous movie have had unexpected consequences. I regularly take part in a weekly pub quiz at a foreign-owned, western-styled bar in Seoul and, as part of a throwaway joke a few months ago, my team decided to change our name to ‘The Human Centipede’, in recognition of the hideous cultural phenomenon I had introduced to my friends here. Since we have adopted this name we have started winning, a lot.

We’ve been enjoying an unprecedented run of success recently, at times completely unexpectedly. Others are keeping a more fastidious record than I am but I believe it’s something in the region of four wins in the last seven times we have attended (with more before then). We simply did not perform like that for the first year when we were regularly taking part under different team names. The same people, normally three different men with slightly different styles, have been making the quizzes in all this time and there has been no significant variation in our team members or in opposing teams (consisting of the same regulars who used to trounce us). I personally have reached the point where I’m getting a little spooked. Our success is down to the Way of the Centipede!

Just last night, whilst announcing our latest (and, again, unexpected) win, the quizmaster and co-owner of the bar exclaimed “The winners are….and I never want to see this film….The Human Centipede”. It seems the infamy of the movie had entered his life recently, as our name had gone without comment for many weeks prior to that. He also kindly noted the little stick-figure human centipede diagram that I regularly doodle on our answer sheet. We have not yet performed a celebratory human centipede crawling conga line around the bar but the idea has been mooted. Maybe if we score a hat trick of consecutive wins.

Below, because you neither want nor deserve it, is a clip from what has become my film of the year. (I mean that in the same way that Time magazine made Hitler their man of the year.)



  1. Haha! That is spooky! After hours deliberating whether I actually wanted to watch this film or not, I did! And I’m so glad, I really enjoyed it! 2 annoying American backpackers getting lost in some woods, a mad german scientist… Great!

  2. I have been pushing this film on everyone I know, thus far with marginal success. Welcome to the fold, Sarah.

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