K-Pop Korner: 2NE1 – Follow Me (날 따라해봐요)

September 30, 2010

Just as my neglect of the Korner threatened to continue, the kooky khaos of K-Pop managed to pique my interest once again. I’ve stated before that it’s too easy to simply hate on this stuff, folks, and now, without shame, I’m about ready to go further and declare that 2NE1 are legitimately kind of awesome. Their second album was released earlier this month and takes its title from the play on the pronounciation of the group’s name, “To Anyone”. Three singles have been simultaneously released from this album and my students brought them to my attention when requesting music videos to watch during the last five minutes of classes just this week. And damn me, in the very literal sense, damn me for sincerely enjoying them.

I’m gonna change my own approach of one monthly post and spray the blog with a 2NE1 triptych of sorts, three short K-Pop entries back-to-back, starting here. Strap yourselves in. ‘Try to Follow Me’ was first used in a commercial for Samsung Corby phones several months ago but was later given a full video and included on the album. The chorus is simply “try to follow me (copy me) like this” repeated over and over again and the rest of the lyrics seem to indicate that the song is just a call for people to lose themselves in the transcendant pleasure of dancing like the girls do. Quite refreshingly, it doesn’t appear to be a pop song about some moody, adolescent, relationship crap or an attempt to appear clumsily seductive.

2NE1 – ‘Try to Follow Me’



  1. I really hope you’re just pulling a ‘Joaquin’ on this one. I dont hate it but its….y’know…..for the kids. Then again whatever tickles yer pickle.

  2. It kinda does tickle my pickle. For the first few years I was here, I found all the pop music really insufferable in much the same way that I found it insufferable back home. That said, back home there was always the occasional pop tune that got my toe tapping, the odd mainstream R&B crap that owned me silly. I bought a fucking Usher album!
    When I started working in Seoul there was a big hit K-Pop song called “Gee” (see the first K-Pop post I made here)and I heard it and though it was kinda catchy. After that, I figured it would be funny to do some ironic exploration of K-Pop stuff on the blog and, at that time, I was “pulling a Joacquin” and still found most of it crap anyway. Then the cracks started showing and some of the girl group tunes started winning me over and then it suddenly wasn’t a joke and I was sitting watching their videos with subtitles to figure out what they were about. And here we are.

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