Pastures New

November 1, 2010

Blog productivity has been lax of late and I have my usual litany of excuses for that. My review of A Serbian Film has performed well above expectations and seems to reflect the underground buzz and notoriety surrounding the movie. It is now the single most viewed piece on the blog and watching that happen over the past few weeks fooled me into thinking that I was somehow staying busy in a passive sense.

Add to that, I’ve had a busier-than-average month in the physical realm. I volunteered to be a demon extra in an ultra-low budget horror movie being made by a fellow ESL teacher here in Korea and got to experience the joys of latex make-up effects for the first time in my life. Test footage and a trailer for Nic Calder’s upcoming film, Fear Eats the Seoul, can be viewed here.

Our school festival rolled around once again and I was conscripted to participate in a comical stage performance with my fellow teachers that involved donning a Tae Kwon Do uniform and pushing my face through layers of cling film wrapped around a picture frame. It was a kind of slapstick martial arts parody that also featured teachers engaging in mock sword fights and snapping chopsticks between their clenched buttocks.

October culminated in myself and my wife having to pack up our wee home and move to a new, and better, apartment which, although satisfying in the end, meant we had to sacrifice Halloween celebrations and shell out cash for new furniture items. The official story is that I was therefore too busy organizing the move to do any blogging beyond battering out a piece on Bloodsport.

In other news, and by way of a delightful solution to a dearth of blog ideas, I have been receiving requests from readers for specific movie pieces. So far, I have been asked for my thoughts on the films Enter the Void, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps and Kick Ass. Of the three, Kick Ass is the only one I have seen at this time. Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void is one I definitely should see and I’m grateful for the suggestion as it reminded me that the film was out there. It looks like precisely the kind of deliriously warped flick that would fit in nicely around here, irrespective of my actual enjoyment thereof. The curious one is the Wall Street sequel. The person who requested I write about it declared it to be easily one of the worst films he had ever seen which leads me to believe I am being asked to do the legwork in articulating his seething antipathy for a totally dogshit movie. However, out of morbid curiosity, and a sense of upholding one’s reputation for plunging headfirst into celluloid sewers, I hereby declare that I am game. I’ll try to do all three, but fuck you if you think I’m giving out any kind of reliable timeframe. Watch this space.


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  1. Heh heh heh. Got it in one!

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