An Index to Peruse Before You Die

November 25, 2010

You are dying. Everything is in decay. Everything stops, and everything drops.

From birth you hurtle toward a great terminus, the interim little more than an array of futile distractions. Prior to this most final of curtain calls, however, you should devote some of the time you have to watching a selection of Korean movies and, fortunately for us perpetually doomed mortals, Nick Mann has completed his series of portentously titled pieces on Korean films that he wished to bring to the attention of wider audiences. He confessed to having second thoughts regarding his choice of recurring title but I have grown quite fond of its foreboding bombast and so urged it to remain unchanged.

I am very grateful and flattered that Nick put these pieces together and requested that they be displayed here. Some of the films featured may be more familiar than others but these pieces have all generally proven quite popular on this blog and have been warmly received. Below you can find the links to all eleven posts assembled in an index for easy access.

Korean Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

1 Haeundae

2 My Sassy Girl

3 Oldboy

4 Mother

5 The Art House ‘Duck’ (Kim Ki-duk)

6 The Good, The Bad, The Weird

7 Obaltan

8 Happiness

9 Memories of Murder

10 Scandal Makers

11 Secret Sunshine



  1. I’ve been fortunate to grace these columns before I did, in fact, leave this Earth. In my complete ignorance of Korean cinema, I think these posts actually turned me on to Old Boy and My Sassy Girl. Some time later, I hit a Korean movie phase, and I went to these posts first for recommendations. Il Mare was the one movie on a list that I could not watch all the way through, but it was a small miss in my opinion. Also, I was dateless that night. That’s nobody’s fault, right? Yet I only was interested because it had the My Sassy Girl actress, which I heard from here, so….The rest have been thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks a lot.

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting a few words. Glad i could reach someone through these posts. Sounds like you even watched the honorable mentions, since you decided to check out “Il Mare”.

    You should have posted something earlier to encourage some discussion! During your “Korean Movie Phase” did you come across any movies NOT on this list that you feel were overlooked??

    Most people would say that I overlooked “Tae-guk-ki” a popular Korean War movie, and perhaps “Chingu” a classic gangster movie. Also if you can’t get enough “My Sassy Girl” you might like “Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida” — it’s got the same director and actress from My Sassy Girl, though most people agree it’s not nearly as good.

    Finally, I thought of including “Day Drinking” in my collection of essays. It’s a low budget comedy about a Korean uni student’s very unlucky weekend ‘holiday’.

    Thanks for reading!!

  3. I really wish I could keep up with all the blogs and sites I want to read on a *consistent* basis, rather than this obsessive, sporadic mass-commenting that I do whenever time permits, but I’ll be sure to check out these articles. So far, the only ones I’ve seen are Oldboy and Mother, and I loved both of them. Glad you shared these with us, Nick!

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