Winnie the Nork

December 21, 2010

No, seriously, what in the fuck is this?

This picture is taken from an event that took place in downtown Seoul recently staged by a group of NGO radio broadcasters that broadcast into North Korea. It was a small public rally aimed at drumming up support for their actions and which called on the South Korean government to help them through a wider sharing of frequencies.

Groups like Open Radio for North Korea and Radio Free Chosun are awesome, that’s beyond dispute, but my question is what hell is with the evil mascot carrying the Nork missile? What is the story there?

At first I thought it was some giant, angry Pikachu but closer inspection suggests the clothing and colour scheme of Winnie the Pooh, except with glowing red eyes and a scar on his cheek. Is it just more Korea kitsch, invading even the sombre space of a serious political event or could it be part of a more sinister Psy-Op aimed at shitting up either the South Korean public? “The Norks have weaponized Winnie the Pooh and twisted him into a fucking missile delivery system!” Or possibly aimed at the North Korean regime – “We know your whole weapons program is just some pissant, cartoon, clownshoes endeavour!”

In these fraught times, I need answers. You can’t just throw someone in an angry bear suit and then plop them down anywhere you like with a mock-up missile in their paws. Talk us through that decision!


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