Festive Giblets

December 24, 2010

Cripes, crumbs and crapulence if Christmas hasn’t properly snuck up on me this year! Like some sparkling, frosty ninja.

As has become the norm in these interesting times, I’m thousands of miles away from family and friends and the hyper-commercial onslaught of what Christmas is back home and thus, to some extent, my middling lack of engagement with the whole process is only to be expected. I’ve also been distracted, man I’ve been distracted, with a sudden flight home for only a week, undergoing health checks for a new contract, turning 31 and trying to maintain a semblance of dignity whilst doing so. I also had a good friend visiting from Taiwan, though that was awesome and nothing to complain about. In terms of my blog being a little lax, I blame the fucking Norks for their bullshit, tearing me away from some potentially detached film reviews and simply forcing me to strap on my liberal-hawk war drum and get a-beating. Dicks! There was so much to read and write in the aftermath of the Yeonpyeong attack that I couldn’t even retain much focus on the blog and instead found myself squandering my precious time on murky online forums, arguing with the usual conspiracy cranks and a litany of useful-idiot, Juche apologists. That shit is like picking a scab, folks. I know I really ought to know better.

On the plus side, the blog has overall performed better this year than the previous year. My review for A Serbian Film proved a freaky runaway success, indicating that although I professed to not be recommending it to anyone, the taciturn pervert hordes out there simply had to find out all they could about that crazed, feverish flick. It’s currently the most popular piece I’ve posted here and it has enjoyed three times the hits of the next most-read. Meanwhile, in the real world, my upcoming winter schedule is looking quite manageable and I should have plenty of time for some (much-needed) exercise, classic movies, comic books, and maybe a wee bit ‘o blogging too.

Have a Merry Christmas, people!


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