Steampunk Mouse

February 7, 2011

Apparently this was built by some skilled, avid fanboy in Russia somewhere. It’s goddamn splendid.

I’ve loved the idea of Steampunk for a great many years now but have nonetheless remained shamefully under-read in the sub-genre. I believe The Difference Engine by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson is one of the seminal texts there and I really should get around to acquiring a copy of that book post-haste. Fortunately, various comic books have furnished me with a decent amount of familiarity, and I remember being rather taken with the brilliant design of the computer game, The Chaos Engine, the steampunk-themed shooter from 1993. So, although still something of a noob and a neophyte, I’m not entirely ignorant of this groovy sci-fi offshoot. Still, there’s work to be done in bringing myself up to speed.



  1. Nice Chaos Engine shout-out. I loved that game. I always dreamed about making a movie of it. I had already cast Christopher Lloyd as the Mercenary (in the casting room in my head of course).

  2. For better or worse, this missive (jeremiad? screed?) from Charlie Stross re: Steampunk will forever come to mind when I read anything related to the genre:


    However one feels about what he has to say here–and I do quite like his ideas about a mundane steampunk novel–I will always get a chuckle out of “…steampunk is nothing more than what happens when goths discover brown.”

    (Which reminds me yet again that I should check out Tim Powers’ The Anubis Gates.)

  3. Ha, that was a good article, thanks. Yeah, when I said I want to check some steampunk literature out I did mean the more highly regarded stuff with an established reputation from the 80s and not just any old shit. Certainly, no scribblings from “goffs” who’ve discovered brown.

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