The Human Sexipede

February 7, 2011

Look, I had fully intended to leave all mention of The Human Centipede (my film of 2010 whether I like it or not) behind with the beginning of a new year but the most recent development in the ongoing saga of this cultural phenomenon cannot be ignored. They’ve gone and made a porn parody, The Human Sexipede.

Starring notable, and now middle-aged, porn actor Tom Byron as Dr. Heiter, this adult film satire closely follows the plot of the original film, with the most significant diversion being that the mad surgeon here merely plans to attach the two women and one man mouth-to-genitals, as opposed to the rather more grotesque dynamic (victims joined via their gastric systems, ass-to-mouth) that initially drove that infamous horror flick scuttling unpleasantly into the darker recesses of our minds. The Human Sexipede, therefore, enjoys the odd distinction of being perhaps the first and only porn parody that is clearly less obscene than the original film it is satirizing.

I haven’t seen it, and I can’t really put any screenshots up here*, but should you crazy kids wish to go out and complete your experience with the ‘Pede, you can find information about the film at its website – The Human Sexipede (Link is age-restricted, for over-18s only, NSFW)

There is a trailer here which doesn’t contain any adult content beyond some profane language. This porn spoof appears to be filled with lots of lame jokes although, admittedly, the part where Heiter explains that he’s attempted his experiment with dogs, rabbits and finally hats got me chuckling. I tried to embed that trailer video but it wasn’t happening. I suspect the reason may lie in a combination of WordPress restrictions on the source and the fact that Youtube aren’t hosting it.

(*I found the following screenshot. It’s a little cheeky but not so bad.)



  1. Fnar. As it happens my gamertag is The Moomin Centipede. If only I could scan in my little 3 moomin doodle.

  2. That’s a truly excellent gamer tag and one that is tragically wasted as only a very marginal demographic will possibly get it.

    Well played.

  3. Actually, maybe I’m wrong. Turns out there was a “Moomin boom” in the 90s that I wasn’t aware of, driven by a popular but sanitized cartoon adaptation (distinct from the more faithful stop-motion adaptation we were exposed to as children).

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