Beware the Slides of March!

March 30, 2011

And so it transpired that clearing an in-tray of intended blog posts and potential ideas was nothing short of a crushing Pyrrhic victory. It seemed that having a number of unrealized ideas acted as a wonderfully motivating subconscious tool, a kind of carrot dangled in front of a merry, trotting donkey who responded by ever-plodding forward. The pieces on Predator and Miami Vice were initially conceived of before I started this blog and my approach was always to continually push them back and post something else in their place whilst only the titles of each sat there compelling my return. Now, with both of those posts finalized and on display, I find myself listlessly adrift in some wilderness devoid of ideas and purpose.

Additionally, I have acquired a new hobby in that I finally found the confidence to begin training in martial arts classes (Muay Thai and grappling). It’s all very new, and the most important thing I’ve thus far learned is precisely how unfit I really am, with the result that I have to pore over instructional videos on extra exercise, strength and conditioning techniques with which to subject myself to in the gym. Although I’m a complete beginner, it is immensely enjoyable and I’m keen to persevere and improve but it has taken my mind largely away from irreverent pop culture musings, Korean geo-politics, film reviews, and even the default filler potential of some K-Pop ramblings.*

I had earlier resolved not to dribble forth a litany of excuses, like so much wasted semen from an abused rectum, and throw them up here as a cheat entry but, frankly, just getting something down is like revving an engine at this point; got to start somewhere. The plan is to make April a comeback month with gibber a-plenty and much rejoicing.

(*Keen readers familiar with posting patterns herein can expect the K-Pop drought to be the first deficit area addressed.)


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