Geek Zodiac

April 7, 2011

A rather talented friend of mine (in collaboration with another talented friend) has created and crafted a rather glorious and original internet gem, The Geek Zodiac.

Follow the link to find out your sign (and click the image there to enlarge).

I got Time Traveler, in the fine tradition of such luminaries as Doc. Emmett Brown, Bill S. Preston, Esq. and The Doctor. Positive attributes associated with this sign are – “punctual, historicist, cosmopolitan” and my negative attributes are – “regretful, distracted, chaotic”. Aside from the punctuality and historicism I think it has me nailed.

This groovy idea is the product of the fine mind of one James Wright (AKA Chuck Spear, Young Mao, Fidel Castronaut) with the finishing touches of design work courtesy of the talents of Josh Eckert.




  1. Thanks for sharing this, David! Your comments regarding TIME TRAVELER have highlighted one minor issue I had and am working with Josh to remedy it.

    Henceforth, “historicist” will be replaced by “perceptive,” seeing as historicist is more a philosophical position than a true trait, and a perceptive time traveler not only makes sense but it’s a far more positive trait.

    I’ll send you the updated zodiac once it’s been ameliorated. Thanks again for sharing and for your patience as I work out the bugs.

  2. Hey, no problem.

    I’m going to recommend you stop worrying about perceived bugs at this stage and just sit back and consider it complete, lest you keep peering ever closer and perpetually discover things you’re not entirely happy with.There’s the possibility that such an approach will result in you never truly finishing it.

  3. You are, of course, correct. I have gone back and added a link to a higher resolution version of the image, which for some reason Tumblr wasn’t letting me upload in the first place. It looks much better and maintains resolution fidelity when zooming in.

    Thanks again.

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