The Human Centipede, The Musical

April 10, 2011

The cultural phenomenon that is The Human Centipede scuttles ever onward! A group known as the Chocolate Cake City comedy troupe have adapted Tom Six’s notorious body-horror film from last year into a full-length comedy musical for the stage. It’s all available to view on YouTube at the Centipede Musical channel and it’s a fairly fun parody of the original film, although as an evangelizing proponent of the real thing I will remind readers here that The Human Centipede is plentifully amusing in its own particular fashion. As this is but the latest in a long line of parodies and tributes that have included a porn film, a simple video game and even Christmas tree decorations, I think it merely demonstrates that this ludicrous, twisted little film has gone pretty much mainstream and I don’t think I’m capable of entertaining anymore excuses as to why people haven’t seen it yet. For those who are yet to take the plunge here are the Cliff Notes to my recommendation – It’s really not as graphic or terrible as it sounds. It’s pretty much a dark comedy horror flick. It isn’t A Serbian Film.

The Human Centipede, The Musical



  1. Its been available in Tesco for awhile now. I’d say its pretty much mainstream.

  2. Right, so no excuses for not seeing it. It’s in Tesco, my gawd.

  3. Have you seen the South Park take on The Pede? Pretty funny.

  4. Not yet, the Human Cent-iPad, right? I have heard of these examples and I’ve been using them to try and bully people into seeing the film. The thing has been mentioned on 30 Rock and South Park and there are a whole number of other parodies and pop culture allusions to it. I feel this supports my assertion that the film isn’t as bad as it sounds and that it has become so widespread throughout pop culture that people are kind of missing out by refusing to watch it.

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