The Land of the Pure

May 5, 2011

Declassified photo of US Navy Seal Team 6

Last weekend was one defined by celebration, beginning on Friday April 29th with the relaunch and refreshment of that enduring British freak show known as The Royal Family by way of an elaborately publicized ritual wedding, and culminating in joyous scenes in American streets late on Sunday evening as it was announced that U.S. forces had located and killed Osama Bin Laden following a decade-long manhunt for the man

Debate continues apace on whether Bin Laden’s death represents any truly significant victory and of what, if any, reprisals the West will face for ridding the civilized world of its most high-profile foe but the more immediate and enduring controversy is focused on where exactly the Islamofascist craphound was found to be hiding. In the end the guy was not skulking in a cave somewhere along the porous AfPak border but instead enjoying a rather comfy existence in a highly secured mansion compound in the quiet town of Abbottobad in Pakistan, barely half a mile from the site of the Pakistan Military Academy. Although hardly revelatory, this glaring recent example of Pakistani complicity with Islamic terrorism has apparently moved the Pakistani security services to admit to being “embarrassed” by the whole affair and has reportedly led to some “searching questions” to be asked of Pakistan, according to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Amongst the initial public reaction aired by the BBC via a series of emails and tweets were occasionally amusing displays of naiveté concerning Pakistan’s role in the event.  Were the Pakistani security services aware of Bin Laden hiding in their midst, were they possibly dodgy and untrustworthy? No, not the Pakistani security services! These guys will sell you a discount nuke off the back of a Nissan pick-up truck for fuck’s sake.

Here’s some more mirth, courtesy of the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, speaking to CNN in October 2010 –

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani rejected a NATO official’s claim on Monday that al Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden is living comfortably in a house in the northwest of Pakistan, saying there was no basis to it.
“This is speculation because if he (NATO official) knew it, it would be actionable intelligence and we would act on it,”

Pakistan is a rogue state, a foetid shithole of corruption where homicidal religious madness is indulged and protected by vast swathes of the very military and intelligence establishments that we are supposed to be allied with in combating Islamic terrorism. It’s a place that carries the name, “The Land of the Pure” but, as has been shown by the carnage wrought on its own blood-soaked streets as well as throughout the wider region and world, there is a particularly warped and nihilistic concept of “purity” that humanity could do well without.


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