Nuts, Norks and Indirect Confessions

May 17, 2011

Carter, doing it wrong.

Meant to post on this a while ago.

Renowned peanut farmer and clown figure of international diplomacy, Jimmy Carter, recently undertook a trip to North Korea accompanied by three other members of The Elders NGO of public figures. He was, rather amusingly, snubbed by both Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang and later by President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea when his group journeyed to Seoul following their hapless jaunt north of the 38th parallel. At a press conference in the South Korean capital, Carter rather incredibly blamed the US government for North Korean food shortages and made blatantly erroneous statements regarding US sanctions targeting the North Korean people. The current US sanctions target Nork money laundering, weapons proliferation and the import of luxury goods. Humanitarian assistance is specifically exempt from these sanctions. The foolish bollocks spilling out of Carter’s face was also undone by the glaring reality that North Koreans were starving before these sanctions were put in place and then, as now, they were starving because of the disastrously inept economic policies of the North Korean government.

A little bonus gem featured in this sideshow was the following, (from Associated Press) –

Carter said North Korean officials expressed deep regret for the deaths on the South Korean warship Cheonan and for the civilians killed in the island shelling. He added, however, that it was clear that “they will not publicly apologize and admit culpability for the Cheonan incident.”

One would hope that the motley crew of conspiracy theorists and reflexive anti-Americans might offer up an explanation as to why the Norks have expressed their regret for something that, according to such cranks, they didn’t actually do in the first place. Of course, for over a year now it has been all too obvious that the claims by the Cheonan conspiracy goons that South Korea and the USA were using the sinking (whether “false flag” inside job, friendly fire mishap or accident) as an excuse to ratchet up tensions on the Korean peninsula and provoke North Korea into open conflict were utter nonsense but it’s nice to see such lunatics and apologists for Nork aggression embarrassed further. Triumphalism is a stinky cologne, it’s true, and the low emotional intelligence of crackpots usually renders them entirely without a sense of shame, but the above quote is nonetheless a succinct little detail to deploy in any future debate of the fact that the ROKS Cheonan was sunk by North Korean forces on March 26th 2010.


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