Hogmanay Giblet

December 31, 2011

Can I refer to New Year’s Eve as Hogmanay far beyond the bonnie shores of Caledonia? Let’s assume I can. Mah hoose, mah rules and all that.

For the coming year I hope to write far less about arse-to-mouth horror movies and more about censorship. A friendly, albeit impassioned argument in a pub with a friend a few weeks ago has inspired me to articulate my opposition to censorship more fully and at length. I also hope to get some stuff out about post Kim Jong-il North Korea and return to those lighthearted trips to the K-Pop Korner.

There is of course that impending Mayan Eschaton, End of History thing that we’re all plummeting toward like 7 billion merry crash test dummies. That should be sufficient to light a fire under my lazy arse.

Wishing all of you gibbering loons out there , and your hideous families, a Happy New Year!


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