All Quiet On The Gibbering Front

May 31, 2012

Things have been quiet in here lately, folks, and I can’t guarantee that will change in the near future. I have quite a few pressing concerns this year, not least of which is my impending status as a first-time father approximately three months from now, so time set aside for blogging whimsy will likely be reduced for the foreseeable future. That said, there are forthcoming film releases that I’ll simply have to talk about, and there’s always the possibility of those Nork arseholes doing something worthy of some commentary, so sporadic blogging will hopefully continue here and there. If things get desperate, I’ll just bore the ever-loving shite out of all of you with talk of my new baby.

In the meantime, feel free to revisit some past efforts preserved here.

K-Pop Korner – Born in irony, it soon grew into something impossible to control. Test your soul, shallow westerner, down by the Korner.

Top 10 Screen Villains of the 80’s – Holds a special place in my black, blogging heart as one of the first pieces here.

A Serbian Film – The review that remains far and away the most popular blog post on this site, double the hits of its nearest rival, and which proves I should write about fucked up snuff/porn flicks all the time in order to feed the insatiable desires of all you perverts and fiends out there.

The Full Human Centipede Posts to date:

Anticipating the Centipede, The Human Centipede review, The Way of the Centipede, The Human Sexipede, THC: The Musical, The Centipede Sequel & The Censors, Censor Sensibility, Impeded, The Human Centipede II review

Between the Lines: Explorations of perceived subtext in different films, with smatterings of deliberate parody.

An Index to Peruse Before You Die – An index of the guest posts by Nick Mann on Korean films he feels are worthy of attention.

Ah, a shameless, self-declared “greatest hits” archived link post, thrown up under the pretense of being a legit entry for the end of May. I’m not above it.



  1. Congrats on the impending fatherhood. Do you still hear from Switters?

  2. Thank you.

    Yeah, I still hear from Switt-pants quite a bit, actually. Have you seen what he has been up to with Young Jimmy Mao?

    The Geek Zodiac

  3. I had no idea. That is interesting. Most of my matrix time wind up happening here:


    It’s worth checking out just for the Crap/Not Crap section.

  4. Ah-ha, thanks for that. Could see myself showing up there from time to time.

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