Merry Christmas! (And thoughts on the year)

December 24, 2012

In accordance with Mayan prophecy, we are privileged to witness the beginning of the Age of the Fifth Sun, the previous Fourth Sun having completed its great cycle of 26,000 years. It is now an age of expanded consciousness, and of a new emergent human living in harmony with both the earth and the wider cosmic order. It was never foretold to be an apocalypse. That widespread misconception was likely the result of remnants of excitable Judaeo-Christian morbidity lurking in the cluttered parts of the western mind whereby the interpretation of any grand prophecy, even one from well outside the canon of Biblical mythology, was seen only as being the fulfillment of the cataclysmic shitstorm of doom promised by the raging and demented desert god of Testaments old and new.

2012 is also the Year of the Dragon. It is said to be a year of great fortune and thus a highly desirable time for the people of East Asia, influenced by the Chinese Zodiac, to conceive and bear children. There has been something of a baby boom in the region this year, with prospective parents from China, Korea, and Japan striving to get their timing right in order to produce a child under the bountiful auspices of the Water Dragon. Quite unintentionally, though with a sense of extraordinary joy and triumph, my wife and I managed to get in on that action and we welcomed our son Morgan into the world on September 17th, which was also 1 Tishrei by the Hebrew Calendar, right in the middle of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) and I guess you could say things have been going great shofar. Western astrological readings for the same period are remarkable only for how dull, similarly unimaginative and quite inconsistent they all are.

It has been an incredible year for my family and I trust yule all have a truly merry time this Christmas/Kwanzaa/Saturnalia/Hannukah/etc.*

(*delete as appropriate).



  1. Did this Mayan bit say anything about checking the old 100 Bullets board? Something very interesting is happening.

  2. Sources for the information? (asking in a further reading way, not a challenging it way…)

  3. Ah, sorry Penelope, but I was just jumping around online rather randomly for the information I used above and I don’t recall any specific sites. Initially I was inspired by the Mayan Fifth sun mythology as relayed to me by Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles in the mid 90s. With the Mayan Apocalypse stuff gone mainstream in 2012 (albeit erroneously construed), I was thinking about the early Invisibles story arc, Apocalypstick, (the Lord Fanny origin) and just wanted to riff on a pastiche of New Age jargon that included that, and the Chinese Zodiac (the info for the latter being kind of common folk knowledge out here in Korea). So I was essentially just using basic internet searches to back up the scant details I already knew in order to write a kind of tongue-in-cheek myth medley to wrap around mentioning the birth of my son. (I’ve tried to avoid my blog being an online journal/diary so I wanted an excuse to announce Morgan’s birth amidst something larger and hopefully more entertaining.) From there, I just searched his date of birth for anything significant and stumbled across some Jewish New Year stuff and devolved to Hebrew puns thereafter.

    Short answer: mostly Wikipedia.

  4. Cool! Gives me an excuse (as if I needed one) to re-read the Invisibles…

  5. Something I ought to do as well.

    Incidentally, if you’re looking for comic book recommendations, Saga and Manhattan Projects are two fairly new titles that are worth a look.

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