D Wigfield fled his country of origin in August 2005 and took up work and temporary residency in South Korea where he gleefully masquerades as an educator of local people specifically in the area of teaching English as a foreign language. Currently, he lives and works in the Jongno-gu area of Seoul with his wife, Kim. An unapologetic geek, his head tends to be filled with comic book and movie trivia.

Owing to premature balding, he regularly shaves his head in order to achieve an optimal aesthetic of cranial topography. He is generally omnivorous and a wee bit too partial to intoxication.



  1. i just watched road house. a classic cliche 80s movie, up there with big trouble in little china..what are your thoughts? i put them together because i often confuse the two leads. i would love to see a blog post on either or both. i hope this is an ok arena to air this.

  2. More requests. Groovy.

    My thoughts on Roadhouse are very positive indeed, one of my closest friends had a copy when we were kids and we used to watch it all the time at his house. Possibly my favourite Patrick Swayze movie. I mean, Point Break is a better flick overall any which way you look at it but the character of Dalton and the situation in which he becomes embroiled is just so thoroughly entertaining (and delivers consistent scenes of ass-kicking). Plus, Roadhouse has Sam Elliot in it as an additional badass.

    Big Trouble in Little China is also a cult classic and childhood fave….

    Alright, you got me. I’m excited and will try and deliver one or both of these but I can’t make any promises on a timeline and may have to watch them both again, especially Big Trouble China.

  3. Roadhouse has so many cheesy lines, but Swayze just plays it straight so it always comes off as watchable and enjoyable. and i agree about sam elliot. he adds a great spark.

    i haven’t seen big trouble in little china in a long time. it’s a movie i have weird memories trying to piece together the chinese mysticism, but i caught some advertisement or trailer for recently and it’s a movie i would love to see again. i think kurt russell plays a supremely flawed and overmatched character against chinatown gangs and gods. can’t go wrong.

    no rush. i hope you get around to it eventually.

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