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Getting to Graps with the Grippling

April 28, 2011

I started attending Muay Thai and Grappling classes about 6 weeks ago and I’ve shown an uncharacteristic commitment to this new hobby that I hope will crossover into other areas of my life. The Muay Thai class is busy and many of the people there I broadly suspect are more into it for the intensity of the exercise than training in techniques to knock fuck out of their fellow man, which is fair enough. There is no sparring in the Muay Thai class due to our being beginners and therefore not nearly experienced enough to not hurt one another. The Grappling class, by contrast, is smaller and is attended only by men. I remain easily the least experienced and least skilled in the class and I know this because the class involves a lot of sparring or “rolling”, as it were, and there really isn’t any other way to teach or learn these techniques without a fully practical approach. I’m humble enough that I don’t mind being utterly tooled every night I attend but I’ve found myself perusing instructional videos online in an effort to improve my technique outside of class and last week I experienced something of a breakthrough when I managed to pull off a move I’d only watched at home.

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