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K-Pop Korner: Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl (배드걸 굿걸)

April 2, 2011

Mired in something of a blog-bog, and in need of a reliable, accessible escape route, where else to turn but the trusty Korner?

Miss A made their debut in July last year with the rather feisty single ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’. I have to confess that I’m still struggling with the concept of “bad” when alluded to in Korean pop culture. For the most part I think it denotes a mildly defiant expression of sexuality but a clear definition has proven elusive.

The video here recalls the iconic imagery of Flashdance, with the girls of the group bedecked in quasi-80’s dance clothes, gyrating around the classroom and corridors of what looks like a dance school. Their moves consist of fairly risqué ass-swinging blended with the kind of dismissive flicking of the head and wagging fingers that apparently denote empowered femininity in the K-Popverse, with the notable and catchy parts of the song being the English language lines which bookend it; “You don’t know me/ So shut up, boy”. The phrase “shut up” carries somewhat more weight in Korea than it does in the general Anglosphere, both when used in its hangul equivalent and also when uttered in English, whereupon it is clearly understood by all Koreans. No surprise then that the single became hugely successful and the lyrics proved eminently quotable from Korean classrooms to popular TV shows.

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