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Lacking Lovecraft

April 6, 2011

I have since discovered that a recent conclusion I came to regarding the highly-influential writer of horror fiction, H.P. Lovecraft, is in fact a long-established observation of the man and his work that has been discussed at length by critics. It makes perfect sense that I should have been beaten to the punch on this, given that he was first knocking out his tales of “cosmic horror” some 90 years ago and I arrived at this conclusion after reading only a single short story. Nevertheless, I’m in the mood to share.

H.P. Lovecraft is an author that I had been meaning to read since around my teens when I first became aware of his work. His influence was strongly apparent in the work of comic book writers that I had begun to enjoy, namely Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, but at the same time I wasn’t in much of a hurry then to read horror fiction. My personal position changed there over the years as my literary tastes broadened overall and it became something of a minor, trifling goal to get my hands on some Lovecraft, a goal achieved last week when I happened upon a Penguin Classics edition of The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories in a bookstore. As the Cthulhu Mythos was the element of Lovecraft’s work I was most interested in, I decided to read The Call of Cthulhu first (and, as of this writing, it is the only story I have read).

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